Stallions Showroom Bangkok

stallions showroom bangkokNot too long ago I went to the Stallions Showroom Bangkok on a Saturday. I actually went twice, the first visit was on the third Saturday of November and they do not open on the third Saturday of the month. So I went back the following Saturday.

The Stallions Showroom is, I believe, the only official presence they have here in Thailand. I had high hopes of seeing something special, something that would perhaps inspire or confirm the Stallions company as being ‘on top of their game’. I was not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed, just whelmed.

New website – 2018

This is the company website –  Note, some technical data displayed on the product specs is wrong, in particular some bore and stroke sizes do not result in the quoted displacements.

Stallions Showroom location

This site appears to consist of the showroom, workshop and parts department for Stallions Motorcycles.

Stallions Showroom

This consists of many of the Stallions models on display and many custom or one-off versions of their products. It is great to see the variations that have been made by others. I have seen many custom Cafe Racers and I was hoping to see some of the custom parts that are available or ‘on the market’. Perhaps purchase or at least find out more about them and what they cost. In this respect the showroom room is totally inadequate. A potentially significant revenue stream for the company is ignored.

Here are some pictures taken of bikes at the Stallions Showroom in Bangkok.

Stallions Motorcycles Workshop

If you cannot say anything good, say nothing – a term often used when we want to sit on the fence and not get involved. I cannot do that. If, like me, you take pride in what you do and you expect to see others, especially professionals who you employ, to have the same approach you will be very disappointed with the sight of the Stallions Workshop. It is dirty, appears to have no organisation, is littered with what honestly looks like scrap or redundant motorcycles. The mechanics look like children who enjoy revving engines and blasting motorbikes around the small car park area. I could not tell the difference between Thai customers who obviously have nothing better to do than hang around the workshop, smoking and making the place look like a teenage club and the real mechanics. Save for one difference, the mechanics were dirty and had oil on various parts of their body and clothes. No branded overalls, no identifiable ability to present themselves as there to serve the customer and I am sure not one person has a clue about conveying any corporate image.

I would not want to leave my motorcycle here, I would be worried about the quality of workmanship and genuinely concerned that the bike would not be cared for in a respectful manner. I value my belonging, I know how hard I had to work to make the money to purchase them. I did not see any of the young mechanics here reflect such an understanding when they decide to drive fast around the car park on a customers machine.

Stallions Motorcycles Parts Department

Now this takes me back to the 1980’s (and earlier) in an era when we had ‘parts departments’ that acted like a tail trying to wag the dog.

My bike, a gloss black colour, does not come with the mesh headlamp protector and I thought I would see if they had one. In the showroom they have a few glass doored cabinets that have a few machined aluminium parts and some crash helmets in. This is the full extent of  any parts being displayed. I asked the lady and she took me through to the parts department, which is next to the workshop. Note, the lady did not say have a seat here and I’ll get it for you, no, she took us through to experience the parts department first hand. A totally unnecessary activity for me, a customer. My Thai partner took over the talking and confirmed what I wanted to the sad-looking girl in the parts department who peered through an opening in a glass screen. Her i.d. had to be shown and recorded to start things off, then we waited………. and waited. Then even had a stool for the customer to sit on – nice touch? No one else waiting for parts and many people the other side of the glass screen, but no headlamp protector to be seen. 20 minutes for the part to be transported from what ever shelf it was resting on to the little opening in the glass partition. No sign of emotion, social skills or even a smile from the girl ‘serving’ (I use the term very loosely) us.

My Summary

I have almost 20 years experience at director or managing director level in businesses that are service driven. I know what it takes to get and retain customers. My visit to the Stallions Showroom and my experience with owning one of their products suggests to me that they appear to act like a company but they have no substance that supports any level of commercial understanding at a customer level, save some market literature and the promotional activity. Every aspect, from the website, the documentation, the showroom and workshop is poor. This could easily be a great company and it already has the elements in place to do so. However if no proper management and regime is in place it will just be another hum drum company that under performs. An also ran in a market place that already has many.

I wish I could say better, I really do. I am a very proud owner of the Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer and I will look after it and value it for as long as I own it. But the company is showing itself to be an almost non entity, part of the customer buying experience that is, in my eyes, surplus to requirements. They appear to give little added value to the customer.