Stallions Siam for sale

Stallions CT150 Siam For Sale

My 2017 Stallions CT150 Siam for sale in Pattaya, set up with large rack and ammo box panniers. Served me well and has given me almost 17,000km of trouble-free use in the past 16 months. Asking just 29,000 Baht to include rack, panniers, new Pirelli Angel tyres, new chain and sprocket set (not required yet) and new set of rear indicators. A bargain ! If it does not sell it’ll be stored in Bangkok until my return.

Line id iancas

This advert is live from December 2018

stallions siam for salestallions ct150 siam for sale

Only selling because I expect to be away from Thailand for a long time.

Specification Stallions CT150 Siam for sale

  • 2017 Stallions Siam in white
  • Pattaya registered
  • With rack and panniers
  • 145cc
  • 16,673 km at start of December 2018
  • Green book in my name
  • Taxed until April 2019
  • Insured until October 2019 (Por Ror Bor/CMI)
  • 2 keys

I am second owner, I purchased it at 5 months old during September 2017.

stallions green book

I show as much as I can about it here.




I purchased this during September 2017, at this time it was showing just 168km and was ‘as new’. The front drive sprocket had no signs of wear, the oil was clean and the tyres also as new – supporting the displayed km.

I have made some changes to help me carry stuff as I travel around, there is a rack and two 50 cal ammo boxes mounted out back. I had the local tin bashers make up a frame to carry the ammo boxes and had a one off rack extended. Can easily be removed and the grab bars fitted back on. Original grab bars will be supplied. This Stallions CT150 Siam for sale is a bargain.

This is my second Stallions motorcycle. I had a black CT150 Cafe Racer in 2015 until the end of 2016 when I moved to Vietnam. When I came back to Thailand I purchased this white Stallions Siam. These are good value for money motorcycles that are manufactured in China by SoMoto and sold all over the world in various verions – website


In my ownership this Stallions CT150 Siam has been well looked after. I do the servicing and I try to buy any parts from Stallions in Bangkok. Oil changes are at a much lower interval than Stallions recommend, but I prefer to change the oil in the belief it gives a long-term benefit. I also lightly oil the chain often.

Oil Changes

Oil Changes have been done at 693km, 1490km, 2351km, 3190km, 3815km, 4820km, 5764km, 6600km, 7383km, 8253km, 9128km, 10093km, 11061km, 12001km, 12956km, 13865km, 14957km, 15,782km and 16,712km.

Chain Lube

Drive chain has a light oil roughly every 500km – 600km.

Parts Changed

Items required over and above regular servicing are:

  • New rear inner tube (puncture repair) @ 5975km
  • Replace clutch cable @ 7255km
  • Replace rear brake pads @ 10865km
  • Change front sprocket from 14T to 15T (front only) @ 11626km
  • New rear brake light switch and bleed brakes @ 12123km
  • Fit Pirelli Angel CiTy tyres and new inner tubes @ 13466km
  • Replace front wheel bearing and seals @ 14229km

New Parts Not Fitted

I have some new parts that are not fitted and not required at this time, these are:

Chain and Sprocket set

stallions siam chain sprocket set

A while ago (11626km)  I removed the original 14T front sprocket and fitted and 15T front sprocket. I wish I did so a long time before. At the same time I purchased another new 15T front sprocket and new Rear sprocket and new regular HD chain. Not fitted and not required at this time. Will be supplied to new owner.

Rear indicators

stallions siam indicators

I altered the original rear indicators when I fitted the rack and ammo boxes, these remain in serviceable condition and work as they should. I also purchased two new original rear indicator light units that can be fitted if the rack and ammo boxes are removed.

Stallions CT150 Siam For Sale

If you are interested you can contact me:

  • Email on contact page
  • By Line. My id iancas

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