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Stallions Centaur Siam Cafe Racer Review

stallions centaur siam cafe racerThis is the new Stallions motorcycle. The Stallions Centaur Siam Cafe Racer is presently being sold side by side with the well liked Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer. It is a visually attractive bike that I am sure will win over a lot of new customers. This is my short review of the new stallions motorcycle.

I have to say I really like this new model. So much so that I expect to purchase one in the not too distant future. I hope they will make a gloss black version, at this time the black is a matt black. Well liked by the Thai’s but not a favourite of mine. I can see a paint job being undertaken to match the existing Centaur gloss black with wide gold stripe. Time and circumstances will tell.

white stallions centaur siam in showroom

Colours Available

I am told by the bike showroom that the Stallions Centaur Siam is available in the following colours:

  • Matt Black
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • White

Price Comparison

I was at the local dealer in Pattaya in the week before Pattaya Bike Week and they kindly let me take some photos and told me what they knew about this new bike. What I was surprised to know is that the new Stallions Centaur Siam Cafe Racer is 1,000 baht less than the existing model. At Pattaya Bike Week the prices were displayed as:

  • Existing Stallions Centaur – 64,900 baht
  • New Stallions Centaur Siam – 63,900 baht

These prices are plus registration, insurance at the peripheral fees you will incur when buying new.

Specifications – Stallions Centaur Siam Cafe Racer Review

This is based on my observations, I have not had any formal confirmation or input from Stallions (they do not reply to any enquiries I make – I will leave you to ponder what that means). You can try to visit the Stallions wesbite, if it is working……….

Instruments and Handle Bars

The most noticable difference, when sat on the bike, is the twin instrument cluster. This motorbike get a tacho as well as a speedo and finished in chrome plate. Also the handle bars are clip on items, in true cafe racer style. A nice touch that I am sure still gives a comfortable riding position.

Stallions centaur siam instument dials and clip on bars

New Engine

Looking around the bike, I could see straight away that the engine is different to the existing Stallions Centaur. It looks to me that the existing Stallions Centaur (the version I have) has an engine based upon a Yamaha XT125 engine. The new Stallions Centaur Siam has an engine that looks like it is based on a Yamaha YBR engine. I hope to have a road test of this new bike to compare engines. I doubt there will be much to write home about.

new stallions centaur siam engine

Exhaust and Rear Shocks

The exhaust is now a stainless steel item. This is a big step up from the painted steel exhaust on the existing model. I recal seeing a stainless exhaust for the existing model marked up at 7,000 baht or so on some paperwork at the showroom late in 2015. Plus the rear shocks are, or look like, an upgrade. They look like expensive aftermarket items and I really do hope they do provide an enhancement to the ride and handling. But they have ‘Stallions’ laser etched into the gold anodised finish. I wonder just how good these are.

new stallions centaur rear shocks and stainless steel exhaust

Other Details

The wheel rims are an anodised aluminium item, not the black painted finish of the existing model. A nice touch and will be seen as an enhancement to the quality. Another item that I like is the stitching to the seat. It is a little thing but looks a lot better than the existing Stallions Centaur cafe racer seat. But, I do not like the shape of the rear seat cover section. I’d want to try to use the existing rear seat cover section – I like it.

It also has a full stand as well as a kick stand. I would like to have seen both stands on the existing Stallions Centaur model. Would help with oil changes and other maintenance work on the bike.

Fuel tank filler has had some design work too. Looks like the sort of thing you might find on a ‘wannabe’ race car. It is a locking cap and you access the lock by flipping up the center section.

new stallions centaur siam fuel filler cap

Front wheel, brakes and forks

If you are buying one of these check out the front brake disc. Which side is it on? The photos I have show two versions of front wheel, brake and forks. I do not know why, see ‘Update’ note below image. It may be a switch in production due to various reasons. But the question has to be asked which is the long-term version. Personally I want my front brake to be on the near side, as the existing model. Only because the front wheel guard is fixed in the same way as the existing model and I like this style plus it has the upside down forks. Have a close look at the photos of the white and yellow Stallions Centaur Siam, both for sale at the same time. The Yellow bike was ‘the odd one out’, it being the only bike with the different front end assembly. The same yellow bike was later on display at the Pattaya Bike Week and in my photos lower down the page you will see the bike.

new stallions centaur siam different front forksUpdate. These are two different versions being manufactured by the Chinese factory. The upside down fork version (on left of photo) is called ‘Crown Cafe A’ and you can visit the Chinese manufacturers webpage for this motorcycle – The version on the right is also manufactured by the Chinese company and is called ‘Crown Cafe B’. You can see it on the manufacturer’s website here –


Photos of the Stallions Centaur Siam Cafe Racer taken at showroom and Pattaya Bike Week.

I hope my Stallions Centaur Siam review is of help to you. Have a look around my wesbite if you want to know about the Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer I own.

Chinese Manufacturer

Stallions, the company, bring little by way of added value or customer service in my limited experience. For me, the question is this, “Why purchase from Stallions when I can go direct to the Chinese manufacture and buy the very same bike for as little as $700?” (Less than 25,000 baht). The photos below are used by the Chinese manufacturer on websites and promotional material that offers this bike for sale to trade customers. Min quantities are by the container load. Take a close look at the photos.

Or go to the website