Stallions Centaur Master

stallions centaur masterThe Stallions Centaur Master is a variation on the 150 Cafe racer. I had not seen one before and at first I thought I was looking at a silver Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe parked next to the yellow / cream coloured Cafe racer.

I was on my way to Bang Saray and this Stallions Centaur Master is part of the sales stock at a well established motorcycle showroom. The dealer is on Suhkumvit Road at the traffic light junction for Bang Saray.

The Stallions Centaur Master looks like what might be called a commuter bike. Sitting on the fence when it comes to any design aspirations and it is almost culturally void to ensure it may appeal to a wide audience. This is at odds with the design and looks of the Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe racer that is in a niche market and very well supported by a loyal following. It would be good to see some sales figures to see which version sells best – I think I already know.

stallions centaur master

stallions motorcycle dealer bang sarayThe lady at this motorcycle showroom was very polite and helpful, even though I was not a sales prospect for her. She was happy to have a chat and tell me the price of the Stallions Centaur Master and 150 Cafe. I had been in this showroom before to look at bikes earlier in the year when I was living at Bang Saray. They did not have any Stallions bikes back then and I was not convinced I needed a bike. But they were still polite to talk with.

On The Road Prices

These figures quoted to me on 17.11.2015 at the motorcycle showroom at Bang Saray.

Stallions Centaur Master –  65,100 baht including insurances, number plate, registration etc.

Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe – 66,200 baht ditto

These are quoted prices and on the basis they want your business, I have no doubt they will haggle a bit.

centaur master

Stallions Centaur Master Features

The Centaur Master motorcycle is almost identical to the 150 Cafe but has some minor changes that set the two models apart. These include:

  • Side Panels
  • Handle Bars
  • Seat

Side Panel Design

One of the first things I notice is the design of the side panels that cover the battery and air filter. The Stallions Centaur Master has side panels that are more defined and have edges / corners to them, not like the curved side panels of the Cafe Racer.

stallions centaur master side panel

Handle Bars

The Stallions Centaur Master has raised bars that will ensure an upright driving position. The rear view mirrors are fairly conventional and it has a basic cowl fitted to the headlamp.

stallions centaur master handle bars


The seat is a regular long seat. Not sure if it is the same seat as fitted to the Stallions Centaur Classic Limited. It is not the same seat as the Cafe racer version.

In Summary

The Stallions Centaur Master is almost indentical in component form as the Cafe racer version. But the small changes have a big impact on the style and visual appearance of the bike. It is stripped of any desirable characteristics and puts itself forward as a commuter bike, in a market, that is full of competition.

I notice how similar this motorcycle is to the Suzuki TU250X.