stallions Centaur Cafe Racer for sale

Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer For Sale – sold 2016

It is time for me to sell my much liked and enjoyed Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer.  The Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer For Sale due to no fault on the bikes part. I do not use it much (I could walk or use local bus), hence the low kilometres covered. The way I live has changed from when I bought the bike new, last October.

Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer For Sale – ฿50,000

The motorbike this website is based on is now for sale. Located in Jomtien area of Pattaya on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand.  You can buy my Stallions Centaur and you can check out all the information here on this website.

  • It is less than 1 year old
  • It has covered less that 3,000 km
  • It has been 100% reliable
  • Taxed
  • Insured
  • Green Book in my name

You can read the weekly record to see how many kilometers have been covered at any time whilst in my ownership by looking at the ‘Kilometers Record’.

You can read about any work and servicing that has been done by looking at the ‘Service History’.

All the history is transparent, honest and accurate – I have nothing to hide and have made clear from the outset that this website will record everything.

stallions cafe racer for sale


The bike was bought new by me on 23rd October 2015 from a friendly bike shop on Sukhumvit road here in Pattaya. In the past 10 months it has covered 2,700 km and had a short time in covered storage whilst I was back in the UK.

stallions centaur speedo

My Stallions Centaur (and I) reside in Jomtien, south Pattaya. It can be viewed at any reasonable time with notice.


My Stallions Centaur is in good condition, just as one would expect a bike that is less than one year to be. It is almost 100% original, the exception being the mesh headlamp cover. This is a genuine Stallions part, but it was not fitted to the polished black bikes as standard. Unlike the matt black bike that did have it fitted as standard. It has covered just 2,709 km at time of writing this, and this reflects the short daily journeys I make. It is used little but often, almost everyday.


I am asking ฿50,000 (fifty thousand Thai Baht) for my bike.

Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer For Sale Photos

Pictures taken today, 25th August 2016. Speedo showing 2,709 km covered from new.


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