stallions mega cafe

Stallions Cafe Mega

This is the new Stallions Cafe Mega that is a direct upgrade or replacement for the Stallions Centaur Cafe that I own. This motorbike has some subtle upgrades that enhance the styling and show a positive progression of the Centaur Cafe marque. I want to outline the changes The Stallions Cafe Mega (or is it Stallions Mega Cafe?) have compared to the Stallions Centaur Cafe 150.

Stallions Cafe Mega Features

I had a look at these motorbikes at my local Stallions stockist. I had really gone to look at the Stallions Centaur Siam with a view to buying one and found this lovely motorbike as well as so many Cafe Racer style bikes now coming out of China and into the Thai market.

The obvious changes from the ‘old’ Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer are:

  • Black painted front and read wheel guards on all colour options
  • Clip on style bars
  • Exhaust style same at Siam motorbike but black painted finish
  • Mesh Light cover standard on all bikes

Stallions Cafe Mega Black Wheel Guards

All the Stallions Cafe Mega motorbikes have a polished black painted front and rear wheel guard, with the exception of the matt painted versions. These have a matt black finish. This is a marked difference to the original Stallions Centaur Cafe that had wheels guards finished in same colour as the fuel tank and side covers. It makes identifying which version of Stallions Cafe Racer you are viewing much easier.

stallions cafe mega

Stallions Cafe Mega black front wheel guards

stalions cafe mega rear wheel cover

Stallions Cafe Mega black rear wheel guards

Stallions Cafe Mega Clip on Bars

Perhaps the most noticeable ‘upgrade’ this model has over the original is the change of bars fitted. The Stallions Cafe Mega has a clip on style bars that look great. These are the same as the Stallions Centaur Siam Cafe Racer model and a welcome addition to the bike. But the Stallions Cafe Mega retains just one dial where as the Siam version has a two dial cluster and some minor changes to the controls.

stallions mega cafe clip on bars

Cafe Mega clip on bars fitted to Cream bike

stallions cafe mega clip on bars

Cafe Mega clip on bars fitted to blue bike

mega cafe clip on bars

Cafe Mega clip on bars fitted to matt black bike

Stallions Cafe Mega Exhaust

The new motorbike has an exhaust that is the same style as the Centaur Siam Cafe Racer but manufactured from steel and finished in matt black. This is perhaps a pity as the version on the Siam is stainless steel and looks good. But it is a design upgrade from the version manufactured for the original Stallions Centaur Cafe motorbike.

stallions cafe mega exhaust

Cafe Mega Light Cover

All Stallions Cafe Mega has the mesh light cover as standard. This was not the case with the pervious version that, if I recall correctly, did not have it fitted to the polished black or cream coloured bikes. I purchased one and fitted it to my bike a while back. This is not a big deal but I thought I would include it here.

stallions cafe mega


The Stallions Cafe Mega is an improvement in specification over the original Stallions Centaur Cafe 150 that this website is based upon. I must stress that this is an improvement is specification and does not mean the build quality or parts quality is in any way improved or changed from the original bike. As ever any conversation about these lovely motorbikes has to start with the caveat ‘For the money’……….. As long as you know you are not getting Honda or Yamaha quality then you should be OK with your experience as an owner. When I asked they quoted me circa 66,000 baht plus registration, tax and insurance. This could be the motorbike you need to have.