Service History

stallions centaur 150 cafe service bookAll Service History activity and any repairs or work is noted here. In date order with the first entry shown just below and most recent at the end of the page. I try to include not just the service schedule work, but anything that happens or is required – a ‘warts and all’ document.

28/10/2015 – Rattling noise

I was riding the Stallions without my helmet and maneuvering slowly over some speed bumps. I could hear a rattle coming from the back of the bike. A rattle that did not sound like anything heavy or large, more annoying than anything else. It was easy to identify where the noise was coming from, just tap the rear light and it would rattle. I took the rear lens off and was surprised to see one of the screws that holds the light bulb holder in place was no longer in its ‘hole’ and loose in the light fitting. Any easy fix.

stallions cafe 150 rear light

What this does show is that the level of quality control may be questionable¬† with suppliers parts. I cannot imagine all light fittings have this problem, I am sure this is a one-off. The light fitting is a cheap, functional and has a design that suits the bike – the procurement for this part will be price driven, as are almost all parts with all manufacturers of bikes (the accountant has more control than the designer!). I hope this is just ‘one of those things’ and not the norm for the bike as a whole. Only time will tell. I was thinking ‘I would not have this if I had bought a new Ducati’, but let’s be very clear, there is no comparison between the two bikes . Anyway the bike is performing great in every way and providing a lot of fun and enjoyment.

17/11/2015 – 400km – Slight Tappet Noise

Just did a 45km round trip to Bang Saray and noticed a slight tappet noise. I will try to find out about gaps and check.

20/11/2015 – 500km – Tappet Noise

Took bike on a 70km ride today. When engine up to operating temperature there is a noticeable tapping noise. Annoying and not nice. I will need to ask how this is dealt with and cured.

25/12/2015 – 989km – 1,000km Service

Took my Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer in for the first service. I am sat here thinking ‘Well, this is Thailand’ and resigned to really not trusting people to do what I think they say they will do. Here goes with the ‘story’.

I noticed the distance covered was getting close to 1,000km and it needs to have the ‘first service’ at this time. So, as directed by the lady in the shop I purchased from, I took my bike to the Kawazaki service shop on Pattaya Tai. At this point I must say the people I spoke with were very helpful, friendly and polite and the place is very clean, tidy and orderly. Anyway, I presented them with my bike and after a short conversation they nodded and told me to come back in half an hour.

Upon my return I was pleased to see my bike outside and ready to go. I was eager to have the kilometers noted on the receipt as I had not brought the service book with me. I had no need to be worried, they already had done so. But all they had done was replace the oil! The lady was confident that is all that was required. Total cost 130 baht.

In summary, I am happy the oil is changed but need to translate the Thai service book to understand what other actions should have been undertaken. Then deal with it as appropriate. I also want to have the tappets checked and adjusted and I know there is a slight noise that I am sure can be adjusted out.

04/01/2016 – 1099kms – Loose Nut

I wash, clean and polish my bike every week or so, depends on how dirty or dusty it gets. But I like it to look and be clean. It is also a chance to check things that, to be honest, might go unnoticed. This was one such event. I found the nut that secures the kick stand was free on the threads. Not only loose but getting near the end of the bolt. This ties in nicely in some bizarre way, as I have just translated the maintenance Schedule from Thai to English and it states to check all frame fixings every 1,000kms.

stallions centaur cafe racer loose nut kick stand

05/01/2016 – 1,101kms – Green Book & White Plate

stallions centaur green book and white number plateMy friend collected the Green book and White plate from the motorbike dealer I purchased from. I now have my insurances, tax, registration document (green book) and correct white number plate. The temporary red number plate has been removed and will be returned to the dealer soon. You can read more in the blog – New Registration Plate.

14/01/2016 – 1,220kms – Service

I recently translated the Maintenance Schedule so I could understand what needs to be done and when. I could see that the tappets should be checked/adjusted at each service including at 1,000kms. So I took my bike back to the motorbike service shop on Pattaya Tai and talked with an English speaking lady on reception and one of the mechanics. I asked her if they could adjust the tappets and pointed to the item on the maintenance schedule – she nodded. I then took them both to my bike and pointed to the cylinder head to be sure we were talking about the same thing. I told them that the tappets were noisy after I did around 10kms, when the engine was hot. I also asked that they look at the spark plug, clean and set gap or replace if they wanted.

The girl then said, why not have a full service too. I said yes, please go ahead but no need to change oil, it was changed a short time ago by them.

I left my bike with them at 09.00hrs, they called at 11.30hrs to say it was ready for collection. I was happy to go and collect. I was surprised when the bill was just 200 baht (circa £4.00) and asked for an itemised receipt. The receipt had two items on it, adjust tappets and supply & fit a new spark plug. Again no service, I was lost for words. I think that when I said not to change the oil, they thought I told them not to service the bike. As soon as they realised the service had been missed they asked if I would leave the bike for them to do, but I took the bike and did the checks myself and then washed and cleaned the bike.

stallions centaur ian caseley washing bike

I also filled the fuel tank this morning at 1,220kms and I will wait until it needs to be filled again to work out fuel consumption. I will record the volume of fuel I put in the tank to fill it again and then record the kilometers covered. Deduct 1,220 from this figure and divide it by the number of litres of fuel that have been put into the tank.

02/03/2016 -1,590kms – Fuel Economy

I have checked fuel economy, click to read details at Fuel Economy page.

14/03/2016 – 1,700kms – Headlamp Bulb Replacement

It was early evening when I went to the all you can eat 199 baht buffet on 3rd road. When leaving I noticed the headlight was not working. So I rode my Stallions Centaur the short distance to one of the many bike shops and had a new bulb fitted. Easy.

23/03/2016 – 1,792kms – Into Storage

stallions centaur cafe racer in storageToday my Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer is placed into secure storage until I am able to return to the Pattaya area. Battery is disconnected and a dust cover placed over the motorbike. Photos taken to confirm condition when it was left at the storage facility.

17/06/2016 – 1,991km – Service

The bike was collected from storage 2 weeks ago and apart from being dusty and the tyres needing air everything was OK. Today I took my Stallions Centaur in for a service at the Mityon workshops on Pattaya Tai. It was a fairly uneventful event. Main features & facts:

  • 1hr turnaround from arriving without appointment
  • Having to hang around for the cashier to appear so I could pay
  • Chain does not have enough slack in my unqualified opinion. I wanted it adjusted but I would have given it a little bit of slack.

15/09/2016 – 2984km – Service

1,000km service at Mityon workshop on Pattaya Tai. An unremarkable experience in almost everyway.

29/10/2016 – 3,562km – Clutch Cable Failure

On the evening of Saturday 29th October the clutch cable snapped when I commenced my return from a local road side eatery. I drove home without the use of the clutch and at the two junctions I managed to ride through without issue. Bought new clutch cable ‘off the shelf’ from the motorbike service shop on South Pattaya Road for the reasonable fee of 115 baht ‘if you don’t want a receipt’. Took the man on reception less that 2 minutes to check and confirm stock, took the lady cashier 40 minutes (count ’em) to walk over and pick it off the shelf.