Same Number Plate on Two Motorbikes

I don’t know if this is a common occurrence, but I had a local taxi bike get my attention and he was keen to show me the number plate on his bike. It was the same number plate on two motorbikes…… well almost the same. His Honda Wave and my Stallions Centaur share almost the same number plate details. The top of row of letters show a different character, but it is not immediately obvious.

I know the authorities will use the stock of numbers and issue them as and when they need. So it is no surprise to know they exist. But what are the chances of the two motorbikes sharing the same car park on a near daily basis?

same number plate on two motorbikesOf course the question some might ask is ‘How can a motorbike taxi have a white plate and not the yellow plate all hire vehicles should have?’. But that is a different story all together.