Purchase Enquiries Coming to Stallions Centaur 150 Website

This little website serves two purposes. One is to record what happens to my Stallions Centaur and the other is to allow me to test and try out different SEO methods in an internet niche.

I know the website works well in this niche area.

Today I get an enquiry from a foreign retailer who want to purchase Stallions motorcycles from this website (not Stallions own website) and discuss associated matters (payment terms, quantities, product range, lead times etc).

This should be a massive wake up call to who ever manages the Stallions company here in Thailand, You are missing out on genuine business enquiries, I suspect the fact that the Stallions website is of such a poor quality is exaggerating this effect. I am now able to influence this sales lead, not Stallions. Any business owner will instantly recognise how ridiculous this scenario is, and how damaging it can be to the business itself.

So I have a company in South Korea who wants to retail the Stallions range, including the CT400. They are talking to me and see me as the vendor.

What did I do?

Not too long ago I sent a message to Stallions, via their website. I asked about valve clearances on my Stallions Centaur engine. It has not been replied to, in any way or at any time. With this in mind I decided to direct the South Korean company to the Chinese manufacturer, who I hope will value the sales enquiry and treat it with the respect and value it deserves. If you want to visit the Chinese company who manufactures the Stallions Centaur – go here, http://www.somoto.cn/

My Thoughts

Stallions Motorcycles – you need to up your game.