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This is the Page 2 of the Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe Owners Manual English Language.

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Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer Disc Brakes

Your Stallions Centaur motorcycle will be fitted with disc brakes to the front and rear wheels as standard. These do not require any adjustment but should be checked at service intervals for Brake Pad wear. The Brake Pads have wear indicator grooves set into them when manufactured, once the pads have worn and these grooves cannot be seen, the Brake Pads should be replaced. The image below is of a typical motorcycle brake pad

stallions motorcycles brake pad wear indicators

Disc Brake Components

These images show the main brake components fitted to each wheel and what they are called.

Front Wheel

stallions centaur cafe racer front brake


1 – Location of Brake Pad. Can be seen from the other side of the wheel
2 – Brake Caliper
3 – Brake Disc


Rear Wheel

stallions cafe racer rear brake


1 – Brake Caliper
2 – Brake Pad
3 – Brake Disc

Throttle Adjustment

The Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe throttle should have 2mm to 3mm of free play on the twist grip

stallions centaur cafe racer throttle

If you need to make an adjustment to the amount of free play on the throttle it can be done by adjusting the throttle cable. The cable adjustment is near the throttle, at the front and just below the front brake lever.

Adjusting throttle cable on stallions centaur cafe racer


1 – Throttle cable lock nut
2 – Throttle cable adjustment

How to Adjust the Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe throttle cable

  • Loosen the lock nut (1)
  • Adjust the cable using (2) and check you have 2mm – 3mm of free play at the throttle twist grip
  • Tighten lock nut (1)


Be sure you have a minimum of 2mm free play on the throttle twist grip. If you do not have free play it may cause the engine idle speed to increase.

Engine Idle Speed Adjustment

The Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe carburetor is a basic design and easy to adjust the idle speed should the need arise.

How to Adjust Engine Idle Speed

Start engine and run until it is up to normal operating temperature. Allow it to run and open the throttle occasionally for a few minutes or take it for a short ride – that should ensure the engine is hot.

Use the Idle Speed Adjuster on the side of the carburetor (see image below) to adjust the engine speed. Turn clockwise to increase and anti clockwise to decrease the idle speed.stallions centaur cafe racer idle speed adjustment


Engine Oil

The Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe Racer engine is filled with SAE 15W40 oil. If you want to know what this means you can look at this website that explains the subject very well.

Check Engine Oil Level on Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe Racer

The engine oil level should be checked daily – low engine oil level will result in damage to the engine.

check oil level stallions centaur cafe racer


1 – The upper engine oil level indicator
2 – The lower engine oil level indicator
3 – The engine oil filler plug – this will unscrew.
4 – The position of the engine oil level sight glass on the engine

This is what you should do.

  • Start and run the engine for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Switch off engine and wait 1 minute for the oil to settle
  • Stand your Stallions Centaur in an upright position, not on the side stand
  • Look at the oil level in the sight glass (4)
  • Remove the filler plug (3) to top up oil if required. Replace and tighten.

Changing the Engine Oil

The Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe Racer should have regular engine oil changes. The first should be at 1,000 km and then after inline with the service schedule or more often if you desire.


  • Start engine and run for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Switch off engine
  • Place a tray that is large enough to hold 1ltr (1,000cm³) of oil under the engine oil drain plug
  • Remove engine oil drain plug and allow all oil to drain.
  • Refit engine oil drain plug. Note, check washer seal is OK. It is good practice to renew the sealing washer if you can.

engine oil drain on stallions centaur cafe racer

  • Remove engine oil filler
  • Stand your Stallions Centaur in upright position
  • Check engine oil level in the sight glass (shown above)
  • Replace engine oil filler and tighten
  • Run engine and check oil level again – top up if required
  • Wipe clean any oil from around drain plug and filler

engine oil filler stallions centaur

Authors Note

The engine clearly shows a volume of 1,000 cm³ (1 ltr) next to the engine oil filler. However the Owners Manual states the required volume of oil to be 850 cm³ for standard engines and 1,000 cm³ for modified engines. At this time I have not done an oil change and cannot confirm the correct oil volume

Tyre Maintenance

The Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe Racer is fitted with the following tyre sizes as standard

Front 110/70-17
Rear 130/70-17

The tyres have inner tubes fitted.

Tyre Pressures

The tyre pressures for these tyres

Front, 1 person – 26 lbs
Front, 2 persons – 28 lbs

Rear, 1 person – 28 lbs
Rear, 2 persons – 30 lbs

Tread Depth

The minimum tread depth on the front tyre is 1.6mm and on the rear tyre is 2.0mm

Checking Tyre for Wear or Damage

Visually inspect your tyres before you ride your Stallions Centaur. Look for debris trapped in the tread, gravel and small stones should be removed. Look for objects that are embedded into the tyre surface, things like screws or nails – have these removed by a professional who can inspect for any hidden damage or a puncture to the inner tube. Look for cuts to the tyre on the side walls as well as the treaded areas.

If in doubt have the tyre inspected by a professional


The Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe Racer has a 5 speed gear box. The gears are in a standard configuration – one down, four up. This image shows the gear positions in relation to each other – this a schematic, NOT the actual position the foot change will be in.

Gear positions stallions centaur cafe racer

It is important you use the right gear suitable for the speed you are traveling at. You may damage the engine or gears of you do not use the a suitable gear.

  • Always use the clutch when changing gears
  • Use only light pressure to change gear
  • Do not rest your foot on the gear change whilst driving
  • You cannot go from 5th gear to 1st gear

Fuel Tap

The Stallions Centaur Cafe has a fuel tap on the fuel tank that controls the flow of fuel to the engine. It has three positions:

OFF – the lever pointing forward.
ON – the lever pointing downwards.
RES – Reserve, the lever pointing up.

Should you run out of fuel with the fuel tap in the ON position, you can switch to RES and use a small amount of fuel to get you to a fuel station. I do not have any information about the amount of fuel the RES will give you or how far it will allow you to travel.

fuel valve positions stallions centaur cafe racer

The section How to Start Engine will be done as a separate article soon.