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Who Makes The Stallions Motorbike?

So, who makes Stallions Centaur? A question seldom asked by native Thais who are very happy to enjoy the product as a ‘Thai bike’. Even the Police who regular stop any foreigner on two wheels smile and give me the thumbs up for owning a Stallions Centaur. Although this is sometimes muted if I am wearing a red shirt …………..

It is fairly clear this is not a Thai manufactured motorbike. I am keen to look into this and try to get a better picture of the supply chain.

The Stallions Brand

black stallions cafe racerThe Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe is distributed by the Power Stallions Company Limited. They have a range of motorcycles and you can see there website at The Stallions website is often not working and I still get regular enquiries from people who are trying to see the Stallions website and who want to purchase. I can suggest you go direct to the website of a Chinese manufacturer, you will see motorcycles on their website in Stallions livery. You can click here –

Stallions Office and Showroom in Bangkok

If you want to visit the Stallions Bangkok showroom and offices this is where you will find them. I went there last year and you can read about it here.

Power Stallions Company Limited
637/8 soi Ramkamhaeng
79 Ramkamhaeng Road

Tel: 02-374-5666 (from 08.30hrs to 17.30hrs)
Fax: 02-374-5661 (this redirects to the website below)


The Real Manufacturer of Stallions Centaur Motorbikes

This is just my opinion and it is backed up with some supporting facts. I get messages from people telling me it is this company or that company or that the bikes are assembled here from parts and so on. I don’t really care and I certainly do  not want to get too precious about the subject. I just offer this information for anyone interested and they can use it to assist them in what ever research they are doing.

It is my belief that the company providing the Stallions Centaur is Somoto from China. This company will not be manufacturing all the parts. I suspect a reputable casting company and engine builder in China is supply engines. A lot of people view Chinese parts with suspicion and some openly ridicule them, however many big names have castings made in china. These include Harley Davidson and Ducati and many more well-known brands. The chinese have invested heavily in making good quality castings for automotive use.


This company attends trade shows all over the world and they display the Stallions Centaur motorbikes. These machines are sometimes branded with Stallions livery. It is clear that Somoto provide versions of these motorbikes to retailers in different countries and brand them to suit. The Stallions Centaur is just another example of this marketing and sales activity by Somoto. It is important to be mindful that Stallions Centaur is not about the Thai company selling a niche style bike, it is the result of large-scale Chinese manufacturing flowing out across the world to reach consumers where ever they are.

In August 2014 the Chairman of Somoto, Mr Li, joined the CEO of Stallions at a Stallions motor club event to witness the Stallions Cafe Racers being used and enjoyed in Bangkok. You can read about this on the Somoto website by clicking here.

In 2015 Somoto exhibited at EICMA and they used the Stallions brand as well as the new Stallions Centaur Siam Cafe Racer bikes at this event. See it here.

somoto trade fair

Somoto also have a presence on Alibaba, the website that is a gateway to Chinese vendors of literally anything you can imagine. Somoto display motorbikes with Stallions livery on there Alibaba company profile and product listing. Clearly they (Somoto) own copyright of such images, otherwise they would potentially have to be removed or Alibaba face a take down notice. Neither has happened.

Somoto website links (Chinese manufacturers website) (Alibaba website profile)


I have spent a short amount of time on this subject and I may well be reaching the wrong conclusion. Go ahead and check for yourself.