Maintenance Schedule English Language

maintenance schedule english language stallions centaur cafe racerIn your Stallions Centaur owners manual is a section titled Maintenance Schedule – it is written in Thai. I wanted to check and understand what it includes so I created the Stallions Centaur Maintenance Schedule English Language.

I have done my best to understand and translate the Maintenance Schedule both truthfully and in a manner that is Anglicised.

Original Thai Language Maintenance Schedule

Stallions Centuar Maintenance Schedule

In basic terms it contains four parts of information.

  • Item number
  • Component
  • Activity
  • Frequency

Stallions Centaur Maintenance Schedule English Language

This is my translation. Below is an image of the page I created, CLICK HERE to open & download a pdf version of the Stallions Centaur Maintenance Schedule English language. Lower down is the content written in text on this webpage. You may copy and retain this for your use. I emphasise that this is my translation and I cannot guarantee it is correct 100%.

stallions centaur maintenance schedule english

Item #1 – Fuel Hose, tank to carburettor 

Check fuel hose for any leaks, cracks or damage. Check hose clips. Replace if required. This is an interesting item to see at number 1 spot if it suggests an importance. In recent years I did some research into modern fuels and how they can degrade hoses and components quickly. Any Ethanol in the gasoline (petrol) can deteriorate hoses quickly or sooner than may be expected – it makes the hose brittle and crack easy. If the hose is poor quality it will have its life span significantly reduced with an Ethanol mix going through it. I do not know if 95 ron gasoline in Thailand has ethanol in it . But I do know that the use of Ethanol blended into 95 ron is widely retailed in UK. I then and do now, recommend a Teflon hose for ethanol blend gasoline mixes or even Aeroquip Startlite hose that is designed and tested to work with Ethanol and some other exotic fuels that are being used in drag racing.

Item #2 – Spark Plug

Inspect the spark plug, clean and set gap. If in doubt or any signs of wear, change the spark plug. The gap is 0.6 to 0.7mm and you can see more in my Owners Manual English Language, it is around three-quarters of the way down on this page.

Item #3 – Valves

The engine valve clearances should be checked and adjusted. Unfortunately the owner’s manual does not include any details (that I can find) regarding Valve clearances.

Item #4 – Air Filter

Remove and clean air filter. I detail how to clean in the Owners Manual English Language at the bottom of the page.

Item #5 – Front Brakes

Check the disc pads for wear. Check the disc for wear or damage. Inspect the brake hose for cracks, cuts or damage. Check the brake fluid reservoir and top up if required.

Item #6 – Rear Brakes

As Item # 5 (Front Brakes) plus check the adjustment between the pedal and master cylinder.

Item #7 – Wheels & Tyres

Check wheels are true. Check for any loose or broken spokes. Inspect tyres for wear, cuts or damage. Rectify any problems.

Item #8 – Wheel Bearings

Check the wheel hub bearings for wear. Replace if worn.

Item #9 – Rear Swing Arm

Check the pivot for wear or movement. Grease if OK, rectify if worn.

Item #10 – Frame Mountings & Fixings

Check all fixings to the frame for security. Check nuts and bolts are tight. Check for any cracks or fatigue around the fixing points. Rectify as required.

Item #11 – Front Suspension

The front suspension forks should be checked for leaks and operation. Rectify any problems.

Item #12 – Rear Suspension

The rear suspension coil over shock absorbers should be checked for leaks and operation. Rectify any problems.

Item #13 – Carburettor

Inspect the carburettor for any leaks, rectify immediately. Check the carburettor is set up correctly. Check and adjust idle speed.

Item #14 – Engine Oil

Drain and replace the engine oil.

Item #15 – Drive Chain and Sprockets

Inspect the chain and sprockets for excessive wear. Check chain for correct adjustment. Replace all as a set if any replacements are being made. lubricate chain.

Download pdf copy of Maintenance Schedule English Language

You can download a pdf version – CLICK HERE