Fuel Economy Kilometers per Liter

stallions centaur fuel economyI wanted to check on the fuel economy my Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer gives me. I know it does not use much fuel. A good friend has a Yamaha Grand Filano, and her bike is incredibly good on fuel economy. So a while back I made a note of the odometer when I last filled the tank.

Base Information to do Fuel Economy Check

On 14.01.2016 I filled thank with 95 ron fuel and recorded the odometer as being 1,220 kms. I later filled the fuel tank again on 02.03.2016 with the odometer reading 1,590 kms. I used 10.61ltrs of fuel at a cost of‎ ฿26.39/ltr and covered 370kms.

So now I have enough information to do a bench mark fuel economy check.

My Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer has covered 370kms and used 10.61ltrs of fuel.

In Metric

Kilometers per liter = 34.87km/ltr

Cost per kilometer = ฿0.756

In Imperial

Imperial gallon of 95 ron fuel cost ฿119.81 or at today’s exchange rate £2.40

Miles per gallon = 98.375mpg

Cost per mile = ฿0.821 or at today’s exchange rate it will cost 1.69 pence / mile


Depends how you drive your Stallions Centaur, and driving style will have a major impact on fuel economy. But this does show that you can get around in style and not have to spend a fortune. relative to my other cars this is amazing fuel economy.

  • My 1989 Rolls Royce silver spirit used to do 13mpg.
  • My little Ford 100E with supercharged V8 would give me around 6 to 8 mpg (but well worth it).
  • My jet dragster would use 20 gallons of kerosene on a 1/4 mile run down the dragstrip.