stallions centaur 150 cafe ian caseleyThis is the story of my Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe, frame number ML2S150CTFTP00286. Purchased new on 23rd October 2015 from a friendly little motorcycle shop on Sukhumvit road, Pattaya.

I will record everything I can about my Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe on this website. Some information may be useful to others, but primarily it is just a public record of my bike and nothing else.

This will not be a ‘rose tinted’ view of the bike, just the truth about my experiences as an owner and rider. I will also try to do some research on things connected with the Stallions brand and the Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer.

In the grand scheme of things the Stallions brand is little known and seldom recognised. I cannot help but think it is a clever concept. Often referred to as a Thai motorcycle by owners and commentators alike. But the company refers to itself as a ‘Thai Brand’. I hope to one day have a look at the Power Stallions ‘factory’ in Bangkok to get a feel for what the story really is behind the design, development and manufacturing of these motorcycles.


Why buy a Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe?

stallions centaur 150 cafe dealer showroomGood question and one that is often discussed in various forums on the internet. I have read all manner of emotive reasons not to buy one, no where matches the Internets ability to allow people to highlight their perceived ills about anything – people, products and so on. I like facts and the truth, not emotive outpourings and with that in mind it is not a surprise to know that I do not take part in internet forums or pay attention to what is published.

I first saw the Stallions motorbike in 2014 whilst walking the streets of Pattaya, I instantly liked the retro design and the style & values it conveyed. I later found out that the advertising refers to the perceived values to too, a nice touch by someone. I had no need for a motorbike for my first year in Pattaya, I was living right next to everything I could want. But then my way of living changed a little and I wanted a good apartment more than I wanted to live above a bar. I needed a motorbike to get around.

I already knew I wanted the Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe but I also wanted to check out the other bikes on offer just to see how they compared on cost, value, depreciation and ‘looks’. I looked at many motorcycles and even went to Ducati who kindly let me try out a Monster. The Ducati is a great bike and I know a few people who have them but for me the Ducati does not stack up.

I looked at second-hand twist and go bikes and found some really nice nearly new bikes for reasonably good money…….. but I could not get past the fact that when I drive one of these I feel like I am running errands for my girlfriend. The twist and go motorbikes convey to me that practicality is important. If I had practicality as my number one objective then I would not be living in the city of Pattaya. So I ended up looking at new bikes and decided I did not want to invest more that 100,000 baht. There ryuka classic 110cc customare a few motorbikes that I think are real gems. The Ruyka Classic 110cc is interesting with the 30,000 baht price tag and a strong following (I am sure I have seen an owners club website). There is a ‘ratter’ style Ruyka that parks near my place – I love it.  But the sensible option has to be the Honda Wave, the bike of choice for many motorbike taxis.

So it was a straight up choice:

Do I buy a good quality, reliable, easy to maintain and repair Honda or go for the Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe. A bike that is still an unknown entity.

  1. Honda Wave 125 with electric start, circa 45,000 baht – the ‘sensible option’
  2. Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe, 63,000 baht – something that would let me sleep at night and not feel as if I had sold out to ‘being sensible’ in the eyes of others or peer pressure.

Clearly the Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe won. What I really liked is the small but strong native following these bikes enjoy. There are several custom bike shops making Stallions Centaur based specials and a strong level of interest in modifying and running these bikes.

The Bottom Line

stallions centaur cafe number plateMy Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe cost me 66,800 baht including insurances, registration and the normal stuff you need when buying a new bike. These motorbikes sell quickly when advertised second-hand – there is a strong demand for them. I am sure that I can liquidate after a year (if I wanted or needed to) and recover 40,000 baht. I quote 40,000 baht, but the last one I saw advertised was listed at 45,000 baht and it sold in a few days. That means the depreciation is arguable less than me hiring a twist and go bike for a year. I see the Stallions Centaur 150 Cafe as a straight forward financial proposition and one that does stack up. My exposure is low and the ROI (fun per baht!) is high.